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It’s Friday!

And I couldn’t be happier. With temperatures in the triple digits, we will have to find plenty to do indoors to stay cool.

Running outside is not an option so we’ll probably be hitting the gym for a little treadmill action. Although, my favorite gym has actually closed its doors for remodeling.  Well, more than remodeling – they are completely demo-ing the current structure and rebuilding. The new location will be 100,000 square feet. 
You can take a virtual tour here :

But for the next 14 months, until the new building is complete, this will be my view :


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Roasted Veggies

My absolute favorite veggie is zucchini. Doesn’t matter how you cook it. Sauteed or steamed or grilled or roasted. Tonight we decided to roast.  So easy.

First, slice them…








Then top with seasoning. I chose some black pepper, garlic, and Parmesan cheese.








Bake at 350° for 30 minutes.


When they get translucent, you know they’re done.


Served with grilled chicken and grilled pepper.
We’re now completely out of veggies. Time to go to the Farmers Market tomorrow!  Good thing my favorite one is open from 3-6pm at Laurel Church of Christ.


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Wedding cake and cupcakes

Nothing like a wedding and a birthday party to completely derail a diet. How can you go to a wedding and not have wedding cake??  How can you bake 2 dozen cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting for your son’s 7th birthday and not taste the treats??













The wedding cake.  Gorgeous, right??  And do you see the cake pops??  I might have had one … or two.  🙂














And the cupcakes.  They are chocolate cake with homemade buttercream frosting.  (It was an Angry Birds theme).

Well, my body rebelled. All that sugar did not sit well in my tummy. I was ill on Sunday night.
So today I am back on track. I went to Food City and made a pretty salad. (Yes, I know the crab salad is probably full of fat, but it’s so yummy) .


Tonight, the workout on the schedule is Yoga X. I’m looking forward to it… right after I go for a run at the gym.

Peace out.

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Finding the Time

If one hour is only 4% of the entire day, why is it so hard to find the time to workout?? 
I blame the kids!
No, really, it’s all about priorities. Do you choose to make your health a priority? 
Today I chose to take the kids to the gym instead of doing a video. And considering it’s 95 degrees outside, a run on the treadmill actually sounded nice.
Here was my view for 35 minutes. 


The child care is free so it provides a nice little break. 🙂

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Crustless Quiche with Kale

Tonight’s dinner was delicious.  And I basically just threw it together.  I found a recipe for Crustless Quiche on Pinterest.  (Yes, I am addicted, thank you very much).

But I didn’t have most of the ingredients it called for like frozen spinach and mushrooms.  (Yes, that would have been good).

But what I did have was kale and red pepper.  So, I improvised.  (I usually consider recipes to be more of a suggestion anyways.)

First, I sauteed about 2 cups of fresh kale with chopped red pepper, chopped onion and 2 cloves garlic.



In another bowl, I mixed up 5 whole eggs with 1 cup cow’s milk and 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese.  (Though, I’m sure egg whites, goat’s milk and feta would have worked just as well).

Then I mixed it all up in one bowl and added in a few spices:  sea salt, ground pepper, basil and oregano.


I poured it in a greased pie pan and baked @ 350 for 45 minutes.


Served with roasted red potatoes and a little red wine. 🙂

YUM!  Even my 7-year said it was delicious!!


Back on Track

We got a little off track with the workout schedule last week.  I know, I know — it’s only the first week.  In my defense, though, it’s not that I wasn’t doing anything.  On Day 4, we were supposed to do the Legs & Back DVD.  I went running after work.  By the time we got the kids in bed, I just didn’t have the energy to do the video.  We decided to push Kenpo and the Rest Day back and keep going.

After chilling out and observing Rest Day on Friday, we really brought it for Kenpo on Saturday!  My heart rate consistently stayed in the 140s  I was DRIPPING with sweat!   In fact, I am really sore from Kenpo yesterday.  So much so that we’ve decided to substitue the Chest and Back DVD for the Legs & Back DVD that we missed the other day.

So this is the beginning of Week 2!  I weighed this morning and I’ve lost 3 pounds since last week.  YAY.

And don’t laugh, but I have a new favorite lunch:   Zucchini Wraps

My favorite vegetable is zucchini.  We had some leftover sauteed zucchini with onions from the night before.  So I started with a soft taco size flour tortilla and about a cup of zucchini.  I added some musroom and a little feta cheese.  Then I zapped it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  I topped it off with some spinach leaves and balsamic vinaigrette.  And wa-la, that’s a yummy lunch!!  Sure, it could probably use a little protein to go with it, but it’s pretty healthy otherwise.


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You MUST watch this documentary!

I just finished watching the last part of a 4-part series called Weight of the Nation.
You can view it online for free here:

You can’t help but be outraged after watching it.  This country is in crisis.  Have you seen these charts produced by the CDC showing the percentages of obesity by states over the last few decades?  It’s startling.  (I would post them here, but I can’t copy and paste the charts so I’ll give you the link to watch the slideshow)

Why is America so fat??  There are many contributing factors, but it really boils down to the fact that we aren’t moving our bodies as much as we used to, or as much as we should be.  Kids are watching TV and playing video games instead of riding their bikes and playing outside.

And did you know that less than 2% of the farmland in the US grows fruits and vegetables.  That’s because the government gives a subsidy to those farmers who grow corn, but nothing to those who grow fruits and vegetables.  That corn is then used to make high fructose corn syrup, which is the cheapest type of sugar that companies can put into their pre-packaged foods.  Those large food manufacturers do not care about your health, they only care about their profits.

And if you really want to be outraged, watch the movie Food, Inc.  about how food is produced, and how the FDA and USDA control the food industry.  You can read more here:

I hope it motivates you to take a look at your diet and see what processed foods you can replace with organically grown fruits and vegetables.

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Day 3 – Shoulders & Arms

After a busy evening with the kids, we didn’t have an opportunity to start the video till 9:45pm.  But that didn’t stop us.  We still brought it!  This might be my new favorite video. My arms feel like hello now, but I love it!! I also ate well today so I am feeling good.

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Life is all about choices.  Everyday we must decide what we’re going to put in our bodies.  Sometimes the decision is easier than others.
I work in an office where people bring goodies in on a regular basis. On this particular morning, there were an assortment of pastries and homemade cupcakes. 


But I am proud to say I resisted. Had my spinach shake for breakfast and now heading out to get a healthy lunch.
Will you make good choices today??

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Day 2 – Plyo

Holy. Crap.
What can I say?  Yeah, it was hard.
I got my heart rate up in my zone.


(It’s back down now, thankgoodness).

I’m looking forward to the day it gets easier. I’ll admit – I pressed pause twice. But only for a minute each time. Oh, and there was a moment when I accidentally knocked the 2 year old down while doing the towel runs. Lol. Don’t worry – she was fine.
So I am happy to report Day 2 is done. Only 88 more days to go.  😉

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