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WIAW – 7/16/12

on July 19, 2012

I’m a day late posting What I Ate Wednesday.


Had the usual shake on my way work.  You probably get bored with me talking about kale shakes, but I certainly don’t get bored drinking them. They are sooo yummy!


I started getting hungry around 11:30 so I grabbed a handful of almonds.


Salad from home.  Ate at my desk. Shh… don’t tell – that’s a big no-no at work. Silly, I know. 🙂


About 4pm, I had a sweet craving. After decidedly avoiding the usual Atomic Fireball, I reached for a piece of sugar-free gum. Have you tried this flavor?? Oh. My. Word. It really does taste just like apple pie. How do they do that??

That’s my dinner. The usual wrap. Boring, I know. I’ll try to get more creative next week.

And half a peach for dessert. Yum!!

I was able to stay under my calorie goal and my carb limit for the day!! Yay.


2 responses to “WIAW – 7/16/12

  1. carpetburn says:

    All that food looks super healthy. Are you vegan?

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