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Yeah, I’m a Slacker…

on July 24, 2012

And not just with my blog postings (no posts in 3 days), but also with my workouts too (no workouts in 3 days either).

After my confessional post on Saturday, I did have a fabulous run.  4.2 miles at a hilly park. It felt great.  I meant to blog about it afterwards but the pics I took on my phone didn’t turn out so well. I think my sweaty hands made the lens fog up.  Ha!

But then all the good my run did was undone by Girls Night Out on Saturday night. We gorged on sushi and margaritas, neither of which are low carb. And we stayed out way too late, which then derailed any exercise efforts on Sunday.  Double Slacker!  But it was worth it – we had a blast.

Fast forward to Monday and I’m still recovering from the night out.  (I’m getting old!)  Hubby and I talked about doing the Chest & Back DVD (P90X), but that’s all it was – just talk.  Slackers!  Instead, we sat on the couch and watched the DVR’d finale of The Bachelorette.  (Don’t laugh – you know you watched it too).  🙂

Oh, but I have to tell you about these ice cream bars I found!!  Only 5 net carbs.  But how do they taste, you ask?  They are AMAZING!!!  You must get you some!!



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