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Monday Motivation

on August 6, 2012

Well, here it is.  Monday.  After being off from work for a week, I dread getting back to the grind.  I dread the week’s worth of emails awaiting me.  I dread the upcoming projects and deadlines.  In fact, we are just gearing up for our busiest season.  4th quarter is always a nightmare.  Every year it seems to get worse.  The last couple of years we’ve been a man down (or two) so everyone has had even more work to do than normal.  I’m not even sure what ‘normal’ is any more.  But enough about work.

I hate that blah feeling when you wake up knowing you didn’t give it your all yesterday.  The “I should have done this” feeling.  I had that this morning.  I was off from work for an entire week.  I had high expectations and ‘To Do’ lists galore.  But sadly, I didn’t mark one thing off my list.  Not one.  Granted, it was nice being lazy for a change.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And probably needed the break too.  I just regret not getting anything accomplished.

So when the alarm went off this morning, I got up, put my shoes on and headed out the door for a walk in my neighborhood.  I wasn’t awake enough to run.  But the walk felt good.  I need to do that every morning this week while I still can.  My son goes back to school next week so my mornings are going to be crazy again.  Where did this summer go??

This quote speaks to me.  “If You’re Tired of Starting Over, Stop Giving Up”.  It’s not that I necessarily ‘Give Up’, but life gets in the way.  We haven’t been 100% committed to P90X this second time around.  I’m not even sure why not.  I don’t have any good excuses.  So we are starting over today, for the last time.  No giving up.  No excuses.


2 responses to “Monday Motivation

  1. I always have “high” expectations of myself when I’m on holidays! Sometimes I get it all done sometimes I am a slug 😉 Downtime is good though…Happy Monday 🙂

  2. Schwenker says:

    You’ve got this. I made it through my first week and came out uninjured, so I consider that a big accomplishment. I’m already seeing improvement in little things like form reps. I think it has to do with my confidence. Now that I’ve done all of the routines successfully and they didn’t kill me, I feel like I can start pushing myself. I’m nowhere near to keeping pace on any of the workouts, but I start and I finish and I give all I have that particular day. And really, you can’t ask for more.

    Also, a friend of mine posted the first image above on FB the other day and I found it really inspiring. Glad to see you did too.

    Gonna rock out some Plyo X and maybe break in my new resistance bands. Best of luck to you!

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