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What an Unplanned, Expensive Afternoon!

on August 11, 2012

I woke up at 1 o’clock this morning with my eyes absolutey pouring tears.  They were itchy and burning at the same time.  I had slept in my contacts.  (But that was nothing new.  Quite honestly, I’ve slept in my contacts every night for about 10 years now.  I know you’re not supposed to, but I just get lazy.  Don’t judge me.  At bedtime, I barely have enough energy to get my teeth brushed, let alone anything else).

If it had just been any normal Friday, I totally would have called in sick.  I could barely keep my eyelids open.  The light hurt my eyes.  I almost made my hubby drive me to work.  It was that bad.  But this morning, there was an all-important prospect meeting.  There was a presentation and I had speaking parts.  I couldn’t let anybody down.  But I felt like crap.  My eyes were red and puffy, (I swear I wasn’t hungover)  itchy, scratchy and burning.  I couldn’t put eye makeup on.  I probably scared the prospective new clients away.  Oh well.  At least I didn’t bail on the meeting.

So when the meeting was over, I headed over to the CVS Minute Clinic during my lunch hour.  I was convinced it was Pink Eye and thought this would be cheaper than an Opthamologist visit.  (And now I scoff at my attempt to save money with a healthcare visit)!  Well, she determined that I did have a form of pink eye, but not the bacterial kind which can be treated with eye drops.  She also wanted to take a quick look into my eyes, which was a simple procedure – a few numbing drops, followed by a few yellow drops, which would allow her to see in my eye with a black light.  From there she determined I also had a corneal abrasion (which probably happened in the middle of the night when I was inadvertently scratching my itchy eye).  It was minor and would probably clear up in a few days.  Not that big of a deal.  I was just about to leave.

This is the point where the visit took a hard left.  As I was sitting there listening to her instructions (take ibuprofen for the pain, some Claritin for the allergy, and no contacts for a few weeks), I started feeling really woozy.  All the sudden, I had that rush of heat that comes over you before you throw up.  I could feel the heat rising up the back of my neck, all over my head.  My hearing started to go – I felt like I was in a tunnel and she was talking to me from a mile away.  I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening.  Thankfully, she knew what a vasovagal response looks like.  She laid me down and took my blood pressure – it was 80/60.  I almost fainted.  She insisted that I could not go back to work and someone had to come pick me up.  After I called my none-to-thrilled husband, she then informed me that she really wanted to send me to an urgent care facility for more testing.  Lovely.  Apparently, while I was having this vasovagal response I had some body shaking and some eye dialation, which is common during a seizure.  In order to rule out any neurological issues, she wanted me evaluated further.  (Read: spend even more money)!

I then spent the next 3 hours waiting to be poked and prodded; give blood samples and urine samples, and finally, an EKG!  What an expensive afternoon!!  (I have a $2,500 deductible and this is the first time I’ve used the heatlh insurance all year).  Thankfully, the EKG turned out fine.  The blood work was normal.  But the urine test had some white cells, which apparently signal some sort of infection.  They’ve been sent off to a lab for cultures.

Bottom line:  I wasted an entire afternoon in 2 different doctor’s offices.  I probably blew around $1,500 (maybe more – I won’t know for sure til I get the bills).  And honestly, I probably would have been just fine if I’d waited it out a few days.  There is no medication to treat viral pink eye.  There is also no medication to treat corneal abrasion.  Both require time.  Awesome.  The one thing that was completely wasted on me today (time) is the one thing that will actually heal me (time)!  Ironic, huh??

So, anyways, that was my crazy day!  I am super glad it’s Friday.  I can just take it easy and rest up this weekend before I start another crazy work week next week.


2 responses to “What an Unplanned, Expensive Afternoon!

  1. squirrel circus says:

    Good lord…what an afternoon! It was fortunate that the CVS chick didn’t just let you flop over on the floor or something. Getting the news that it was nothing major is certainly good, but such a bummer to have to lay out that kind of green. Ugh. Rest up this weekend!

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