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Strange Day!

on August 12, 2012

You know those days when you wake up and you’ve got the whole day ahead of you, no real plans or expectations of any kind.   Today was one of those days.  It’s Sunday morning, the weather is perfect, and I wanted to get out of the house.  After reading a few blogs, playing on Pinterest, flipping through the Sunday paper, and quickly blitzing the house, we were ready to set out on a hike.  But first, we had to pick up a prescription at Kroger (my eye drops from the other day), pick up my son (he’d spent the night at a friend’s house), and hubby had to make a quick stop at the Ace Hardware, all before we could head in the direction of the State Park.  Once we got in the car, I was playing with my phone – checking email, blog stats and my Craigslist app.  One of the things I have my app searching for is Guinea Pigs.  We’ve casually been searching for about 4 months now.  Originally, I thought I would get my son a guinea pig for his birthday, but that was back in June and it didn’t happen.  He wasn’t too heartbroken – he got a Ninetndo DS instead.

Anyway, as we are in the car on the way to pick my son up, I found an ad for 2 tri-colored guinea pigs, one male and one female with cage and food for $60.  The female was currently pregnant which made me slightly nervous.  We’d never had guinea pigs at all, let alone one that was about to have babies!  Not wanting to miss out on some cute pigs, I called the lady.  Turned out she was a veterinarian and actually had a small zoo at her house – over 60 animals including horses, dogs, birds, monkeys, sugar gliders and guinea pigs.  Wow.  Sounded pretty cool.  I mean, if you’re going to get animals from anyone, wouldn’t you prefer they be a vet??  So we decided to take a small detour to go see the guinea pigs before setting off on our hike.

As we pulled up in her driveway, about 14 dogs are all gathered just inside the chain link fence.  She had warned me on the phone that the fence opens to us and to be careful not to let any dogs out when we walk in.  Okay.  Sounds easy enough.  As we get out of the car, every one of the 14 dogs (ranging in size from the small yippy variety to big husky dobermans) are all barking at us.  She comes out on the porch to greet us but does not attempt to bring the dogs inside or even get them away from the fence.  So I cracked the fence open and slid in as best I could with a crowd of dogs as my feet.  My 7-year old son was right behind me.  I don’t know exactly what happened but one of the dobermans was able to escape at this moment.  The vet starts yelling at me, I turn to chase after the dog and as I do, about 3 more dogs escape from the fence.  All the while, the vet is just standing on her porch yelling.  She never attempted to help.  My husband, who is very quick on his feet, was able to grab two of the dogs and get them back in.  But we didn’t catch the other two.  At this point, my legs are trembling.  I felt horrible.  She was concerned, but she was sure they would come back in a few hours.  (Looking back on this now, I’m wondering — if this has happened before, enough that she would warn me not to let any dogs out, why wouldn’t she just keep them inside while waiting on someone to arrive.  Or better yet, walk down off the deck to come hold some of the dogs which are prone to escaping.  Or even better still, how about turn the fence door around so that it doesn’t open outward but rather inward.  It would be much easier to prevent dogs from escaping if I pushed the door inward.)

After everyone calmed down, we continued inside to see the guinea pigs.  She wasn’t kidding when she said she had a small zoo.  There were monkeys in cages in the kitchen.  They were going crazy jumping from one side to the other.  As we were standing there looking at the monkeys, the dogs were jumping up my legs and one of the dobermans kept sticking his nose in my crotch.  So annoying.  I don’t know how many birds there were, but oh my goodness they were loud!!  I wondered how she even slept at night with all the chirping.  It was complete sensory overload.  Dogs, and monkeys and birds, oh my!!  Pure chaos.

I’d pretty much decided the moment I walked in the house that I didn’t want her pigs, but I was trying to be as nice as possible.  She led us back to a little room behind the kitchen where there were even more birds, sugar gliders, hedgehogs and guinea pigs.  Now I will admit that these guinea pigs were cute.

guinea pig

(Similar to this one, but this isn’t it.  I went to get the actual picture off Craigslist and the ad has already been removed).

Just like a calico cat, they had the black, brown and white colors.  Only problem was, I really wanted one with the long-haired silky fur.  This was very coarse.  And I’d prefer to get a baby.  These were 13 months old already.

It occurred to me — the fact that my husband and I are trying to simplify.  Why on earth would we add more stress to our already crazy lives??  Granted, guinea pigs aren’t necessarily stressful, but it is more work (feeding, cleaning out the cage, etc).  And with one of them being pregnant, we really don’t want to have to deal with babies.

As we got in the car to leave, we all took a deep breath.  That was crazy.  My heart was still racing from getting yelled at for letting the dogs out of the gate.  At this point, it was 1:30pm, way past when we expected to be hiking.  In fact, we hadn’t even had lunch yet.  (Or breakfast for the hubs and I.)  Instead of hiking, we headed back to town, grabbed some Subway and took the kids to a playground.  No State Park today.  Oh well.  That’s ok.  I had enough excitement for one day.

As I reflect back on that day, I wonder if perhaps all that happened just to make us realize that we don’t want guinea pigs after all.  I’ve since deleted that search from my Craigslist app.  No more guineas.


3 responses to “Strange Day!

  1. I agree with the title of the post…..strange day for sure! 🙂

  2. Wow – what an odd detour your day took! Sounds like you handled it all with as much grace as possible. Her place sounds like total chaos — we still count ourselves lucky that our ONE dog isn’t much of a barker. Ha ha.

    • I know, right? Total detour! Then we came home and we all hugged our ONE cat, grateful that he can’t make a fraction of the noise that place had … or the smell!! Craziness for sure!!

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