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Support GMO Labeling

on August 26, 2012

Shouldn’t we have the right to know whether the food we eat has been genetically modified?  I believe so.  I fully support GMO labeling.  There is an initiative in California right now, called Proposition 37, which will be at the ballot on Nov 6th.  Proposition 37 calls for the labeling of gentically modified food, which is now mandatory in Europe.  It will also make it illegal to call foods “natural” if they contain any traces of GMO.

I read a disturbing article about these huge food conglomerates who are contributing money to the campaign to defeat Proposition 37.  You can see a pie chart here for a huge list of companies who do not want us know that our food is genetically modified.  Of course, Monsanto is at the head of the pack.  (More info on them below).  Quickly followed by DuPont, Pepsi, Nestle, Coca-Cola and a long list of others.

Today, the Organic Consumers Association and are formally calling for a global boycott of the following organic and so called “natural” brands:

*    Kashi (owned by Kellogg, which has contributed $632,000 to defeat Proposition 337). Kashi’s so-called “natural”
breakfast cereals have tested positive for the presence of GMOs. Kellogg also owns the “natural” brands Bear Naked and
Morningstar Farms.

*    Silk soymilk (owned by the nation’s largest dairy, Dean Foods, which has contributed $253,000 to the effort to kill
Proposition 37). Dean Foods also owns White Wave Tofu and Horizon milk and dairy products.

*    R.W. Knudsen (owned by Smucker, which has contributed $388,000 to defeat proposition 37). Smucker also owns Santa Cruz Organic.

*    Cascadian Farm (owned by General Mills, which has contributed $520,000 to defeat proposition 37). General Mills also owns Larabar and Muir Glen.

*    Honest Tea (owned by Coca-Cola which has contributed $1,164,400 to defeat Proposition 37). Coca-Cola also owns Odwalla.

*    Naked Juice (owned by PepsiCo which has contributed $1,716,300 to defeat Proposition 37). PepsiCo also owns Tostito’s Organic and Tropicana Organic.

I don’t know if I can go as far as boycotting everything that Kellogg’s makes, but I do find it disheartening that Kashi’s cereals have tested positive for GMOs.  That is one brand I thought I could count on to be “natural”.

It’s sad that we live in a world country where the government doesn’t put the health of its people first.  Instead, the government is too worried about campaign dollars, about their own seats being saved in Congress.  It is apalling to me that the execs at Monsanto have a revolving door in the FDA, the EPA and the USDA.  Monsanto is the same company that produced the “world’s most toxic molecule ever created”.  Agent Orange, a proven carcinogen.  They also make Roundup, which is an extremely harmul herbicide.  Saccharin and aspartame, two artificial sweeteners.  Bovine growth hormone.    Monsanto is without question the most evil organization in the world.  And those people who run this evil corporation are appointed or elected to serve in our government, where they now make decisions about the food we eat.

Join me in a stand against Monsanto.  Support GMO labeling!!

Millions Against Monsanto

Sources:   (I highly recommend you read a few of these articles, especially if you’ve never heard of Monsanto.  It’s time we got the word out!!)

Daily Finance:  Monsanto – The Evil Corporation in Your Refrigerator

Monsanto Products: Past and Present

The Amazing Revolving Door

Natural News:  Monsanto Voted Most Evil Corporation of the Year


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