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Weekend Recap: Lego Party and Sushi Class

on August 26, 2012

Another exciting weekend!  🙂

Saturday morning started off with a birthday party for  a 7-year old.  Not my 7-year old, mind you.  One of his friends, Paulo.

It was a Lego-themed birthday.  They had gone all out.  Some people are so creative.

lego birthday party

lego birthday party

lego birthday party

fish tacos

They even served fish tacos!!  YUM – my favorite!!

My kids. That’s her “cheese” face.

After the birthday party, the hubs and I had plans to go to a sushi-making class.  There just happened to be a Groupon for the Sushi Academy a while back.  So we purchased it months ago and then realized that it expired this weekend.

sushi class

We learned how to make a california roll and a monterrey roll.

sushi making


The best part, though, was getting to eat our creations!!  YUM.

It was fun learning the technique, but I think in the future I will leave it to the experts at Nama to make my sushi.

(That’s me – still rockin’ the spex.  Actually, I don’t think I’m rocking them at all.  I hate wearing glasses.  It’s been two weeks since my corneal abrasion, and I can’t wait to go back to the contacts)!!

On Sunday, we took the kids out for a picnic lunch by the water.  It was a gorgeous day, though a little hot, so we ate our Subway in the shade of a tree.  If you follow me on Instagram (katiedaisy921), then you’ve already seen these photos:


instagram ducks



Lazy Sunday Afternoon

After the picnic, we headed home and all 4 of us took a Sunday afternoon nap!  I guess we needed it.

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon??


2 responses to “Weekend Recap: Lego Party and Sushi Class

  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! We had Subway as well — for an early Saturday dinner. 🙂 I bought a kit to make sushi at home a number of years ago. I did a few rolls, but the amount of forethought necessary to have the sushi rice properly prepared prevented me from doing it too often. I stick to my favorite sushi restaurant, Mojo, now 🙂

    • Yes, I totally agree – the planning and the prep is not worth it at home. Plus, those sushi chefs know all the cool tricks for the fancy rolls. The only sushi I would attempt to make at home would be the California roll, but I would never order that in a restaurant.

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