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Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Blogging

on September 4, 2012

From WordPress:  Sound plays an important role in writing. Rhythm makes a story flow; alliteration and rhyme have long been used to add variation and interest to literature. Anyone who remembers their high school English class has had lessons about iambic and dactylic pentameter drilled into their writing repertoire.

For this week’s writing challenge, highlight the role of sound in your posts through writing about a sound that’s important to you, or by experimenting with different tones and styles.

I agree that sound plays an important role in writing.  But more important than alliteration or iambic pentameter is onomatopoeia.  When a word imitates a sound, that is onomatopoeia.  Examples of such are moo, oink, splat … you get the idea.  For me, description is everything.  I want to paint a full picture while I’m writing.  If that story includes a sound, I want to describe it.  Or imitate it, if I can.  When you can appeal to all 5 senses, you really put the reader into the story.  If they know what it looked like,  felt like, tasted like, smelled like and sounded like, then you’ve done your job as a writer.

I had a former coworker who would always ask me to spell things for her.  More often than not, it was a sound that she wanted the word-equivalent.  She would make the sound, and then I would spell it for her.  Pfffft.  Merriam-Webster may not agree that these are real words.  But they are definitely in my dictionary.

You may not have a special friend who can spell sounds.  In that case, you can refer to the “onomatopoeia dictionary” here:  Pretty cool site.

Ok, I just thought I would end with a few of my favorite sounds:

— my kids laughing

— birds chirping

— waves crashing

— acoustic guitar

— the beeping sound my coffee maker makes when it’s ready

If you want to participate in the weekly writing challenge from WordPress, check out:

New writing challenge posted every Tuesday.  (I’m a little behind from last week).


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