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Friday Morning Bike Ride

on September 7, 2012

About 2 o’clock yesterday I decided I really wanted to take the day off today.  I didn’t have any meetings on the calendar, and I had made some serious progress on my to do list this week.  Plus, the fact that I was scheduled to take last Friday off and couldn’t because of all the work that had piled up.  So, I really felt I deserved it.

The hubs and I left around 8:30am and drove to a greenway not far from the house.  I’d never been on this greenway before, and he had only been on part of it, so we were both excited to do some exploring!

trek bike

My trusty 15+ year old bike

It was a cool, foggy morning, making for perfect bike riding conditions!!

fog over the lake

Me, striking a not-so-attractive pose.

This is probably someone’s fishing spot.  Looks peaceful, doesn’t it?

Do you see the spider webs in this picture??  And the spider in the top left corner?

The hubs

What you can’t see in this picture is that he totally matches his red/black Trek.  Cute.  He scored an awesome deal on this bike on Craigslist.

bike trail

Trail by the water

haw ridge trail


This is the starting/ ending point.  By the time we were done, the sun had come out and it was really starting to get hot.  I realized once I stopped how sweaty I was.

We ended up riding 20 miles on 3 different greenways.  I was starving by the time the ride was over.  All I’d had for breakfast was a cup of coffee.  Subway totally hit the spot.  We split a $5 footlong, took it home and ate it on the picnic table that hubby made all by himself!  I would call this a successful day off!!  A fabulous start to a 3-day weekend!!


5 responses to “Friday Morning Bike Ride

  1. Foggy mornings are the best and this looks like such a beautiful route for a run or bike ride!

  2. What a great morning! You totally deserved it, to make up for last week. Loved the picture with the webs and spider…I always see them at night and have a terrible time taking any decent pictures. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!

  3. daisy says:

    Love the scenery!

  4. […] weekend started out AWESOME with our Friday morning bike ride.  Then, I spent the rest of Friday getting organized in the basement with the kids clothes.  […]

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