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Weekend Recap: Kids Clothes and Sick Boy

on September 10, 2012

This weekend started out AWESOME with our Friday morning bike ride.  Then, I spent the rest of Friday getting organized in the basement with the kids clothes.  There is a very popular Children’s Clothing Sale here in a few weeks (Duck Duck Goose).  I need to get all the fall/winter kids clothes tagged and ready to go!  In fact, I got an email this weekend that they moved the sale up one full week.  EEK!  I don’t know if I can be ready that fast.  Sorta freaking out a little.  Time for a Red Bull!!

Saturday was a perfect, lazy, rainy day.  I love days like this.  It makes me want to take a nap!!  🙂

Instead, I quite productive with cleaning the house, working on the laundry, and even did this interval workout in the basement:

That was Saturday night’s dinner.  The rest of the family had shredded chicken barbecue sandwiches.  No buns for me.  So I had my cucumber salad on top of some mixed greens, on the side of my BBQ and slaw.  (Ignore the paper plate.  We were eating picnic-style.)

That was the sky on Saturday evening after a storm came through all day.  I love it when there is a break in the clouds and you can see the rays of the sunlight shining down.

The weather on Sunday was absolutely PERFECT!  It actually felt like Fall!  Unfortunately, I had a sick child and wasn’t able to take full advantage of the day.  We woke up at 2:30am to the sound of my 7-year old throwing up.  He had thrown up all in his bed, and then out on the carpet in the hall, making a line all the way to the bathroom.  So there was some major clean up happening on Sunday.  😦

I would have preferred we hop in the car for an impromtu picnic or hike somewhere close by.  Maybe next weekend.  I just hope this awesome weather will continue!!

Here is Sunday’s lunch.  It’s kinda like an egg salad but without the mayo.  On a low-carb high-fiber wrap, with avocado, cheese, spicy mustard, and some greens!  It was delicious!!

So my daughter and I played out in the driveway instead.  (As you can see, this is after she played ‘dress up’ inside.  She LOVES putting on my necklaces and bracelets.  She’s going to be such the little diva.)

The weekend flew by.  So sad that it’s Monday again already.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!  🙂


One response to “Weekend Recap: Kids Clothes and Sick Boy

  1. Hope your son is feeling better! You feel so BAD for them…and then, for the carpet — so hard to get out sometimes. Ugh.

    I’m loving the change in the weather, too! We actually had the windows open for the first time in MONTHS last night. Unfortunately, the cooler air front came through just as our annual crab feast was getting started – we’d already pulled the trigger on it being outside, thankfully, and were set up in the garage. Scott and one of the boys were out picking up the steamed crabs and saw quite a few tree branches down. Super “fall” weather now, though 🙂

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