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What I Ate Wednesday

on September 12, 2012

Peas and Crayons

I love this theme. Fall. It’s my favorite season.  Well, til Spring rolls around and then I say Spring is my favorite.  Oh, and I love summer, too. There are things I love about every season!  Except winter. I. HATE. Winter.  With its early sunsets and its drab colors and its cold weather, it’s definitely the worst season of all.

It’s been just a little cooler here lately, which means a high of like low 80s.  I’m loving it.  It feels so good outside.

For breakfast this morning, I had the usual kale shake.  I forgot to take a picture of it til I was sitting at my desk and I’d already downed half of it.  The hubs made it extra good this morning.  I don’t think it was any different than ususal, but it was very yummy!


I was SUPER crazy busy today.  I had deadlines and presentations coming out my ears.  I don’t really want to talk about how STRESSED I am right now.   I’ve been working nights, and I’m sure I’ll be working ALL weekend just to get this one presentation done before Monday.  😦

I think all the spreadsheet action was sucking out my brain cells.  I needed some fuel around 10:45, so I reached for my can of almonds.  (I counted out my 28 nuts to ensure I didn’t eat more than a ounce serving).


Jalapeno Smokehouse.  Maybe not quite as good as the Wasabi and Soy, but close.  Definitely Top 5.


For lunch, I brought a low-carb high fiber wrap with a side of carrots and Laughing Cow cheese.  This is probably my favorite snack ever.  This wedge of cheese is only 35 calories, and it makes for an awesome carrot dip.  Way better than ranch!!


The wrap consisted of a sliced hardboiled egg, mustard, sliced grape tomatoes, shredded cheese and fresh jalapenos!  YUM!!  I think I could have eaten 2 of these.  It was by sheer accident that I even brought this to work this morning.  We had run out of the mixed greens so I couldn’t make my usual salad.  I was in dire need of a grocery store trip.  So I improvised.  But I think I’ll be doing that more often!!

Then, around 3pm, my sweet tooth got the best of me.


Have you tried these things??  OH MY WORD!!!  They are soooooooooo good!!!!

Ok, I am a sucker for ANYTHING pumpkin!  I absolutely adore the taste of pumpkin.  So I couldn’t resist these kisses with the flavor of Pumpkin Spice.  They did not disappoint.


The nutritional stats are not great (or surprising).  I only had three.  So if you divide the calories in thirds, the fat in thirds, and the carbs in thirds, well, it’s not that bad.  Three is very satisfying.


Dinner was on the grill.  These are Chicken Sausages with Spinach and Feta.  (bought at Earth Fare) and grilled veggies.  I only ended up eating one of the chicken sausages.  It was richer than it looks.  I ate the grilled zucchini first.  I LOVE zucchini.  And then the grilled pepper.  I spent the rest of my dinner time fighting with my 7 year old son about trying food.  He didn’t want to even taste the zucchini.  He said it “looked yucky”.  Well, in my house, that doesn’t fly.  I love veggies, not just for their taste, but also for their nutritional value.  I try to teach my children about proper nutrition.  But he still refused.  So I made him go to bed early.


I leave you with a sunset pic from this evening.  Hope your was enjoyable.

So that is what I ate this Wednesday.  🙂


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  1. I want that wrap — looks delicious!!

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