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What a Wonderful Day!

on September 19, 2012

I must admit – I was not looking forward to the day.  It was raining cats and dogs, flooding all over town, and I was going to be driving a LOT.

My first destination was downtown, to a Worksite Wellness seminar hosted by BlueCross BlueShield. The keynote speaker was Dr Ann Kulze, a family physician, a nutrition expert, an author, and a mother of 4!  She was energetic and inspiring.  (In fact, she has way too much energy to have 4 kids, let alone all the other things she does – wow!  I am amazed)!  Today’s address focused on Conquering Carbs, specifically the “Great White Hazards” – white flour, white sugar, etc.  She didn’t have to convince me – I’m already on that bandwagon.  But I did learn one interesting thing about fructose.  Apparently when you ingest sugar, it’s like a double whammy to your body.  Not only does the glucose flood the cells, but also the fructose.  The insulin is pumped out in order to deliver that glucose to the cells.  When insulin is pumped out, the cells go into fat storing mode.  So it’s WAY worse when you ingest sugar of any kind!!  Want to hear more?  The archives of her radio show are posted on her website.  There is one on Conquering Carbs here!

She’s written 3 very easy-to-read books on the subject of nutrition.  I highly recommend you check them out!  In fact, if you are an organization and want to purchase the Eat Right for Life books for your employees, they are only $3.95 each if purchsed from the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA).  In fact, you should tell your employer about this deal!

She was so inspiring I just had to talk to her afterwards.

From there, I drove an hour out of the city to visit a new client, Blackberry Farm.  If you’ve never heard of Blackberry Farm, it’s a luxury, upscale Bed and Breakfast, only it’s not like any bed and breakfast I’ve ever stayed at.  The gorgeous 4,200-acre property is located in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Reservations for even the smallest of rooms is $399 per night.  All the way up to a farmhouse for $5,000 per night.

After the meeting, we were promised a tour of the property.  Despite the rain, we still piled into a golf cart with our rain jackets on.  I would have loved to take pictures for you,  but I had forgotten to bring my Nikon this morning, and my cell phone died while we were in the meeting.  Oh well.  Even if I had taken pictures, they wouldn’t have done the place justice.  Plus, the rain and the fog limited our views.

We did luck out, though.  We just happened to walk into the main dining hall around 2:30pm and were offered some leftover box lunches.  Yes, please.  If I have one rule, it’s this:  You never, ever turn down food made by gourmet chefs.  These guys are frequently featured in Food & Wine Magazine.  People pay top dollar just to eat here!

My husband was just lucky enough that I decided to bring the food home and share with him.

blackberry farm menu

The menu

blackberry farm food

blackberry farm lunch food

That sandwich was amazing!!  Every taste was beautifully crafted.  And I think the roasted red pepper was like icing on the cake.  Outstanding.

I loved the pepper and eggplant salad.  I wasn’t sure exactly what grain that was in there… maybe quinoa?  Delicious.  My husband let me eat that whole cup, so I gave him the homemade potato chips.  I definitely got the better end of that deal!!

Beets.  Sadly, I am not a fan.  These may very well be the best beets in the world and I just couldn’t enjoy them.  The flavor is just too weird.

blackberry farm cookies

And finally, Trail Mix Cookies!  They were soft and chewy.  Loved them.

We had such a good time touring the property and meeting with our clients.  And I also thoroughly enjoyed the Wellness seminar this morning.  The driving wasn’t that bad, and it turned out to be a wonderful day despite the rain!


3 responses to “What a Wonderful Day!

  1. I totally have boxed-lunch envy now. Big time.

  2. Remi says:

    I think the grain in the salad was Farro. That’s just my educated guess.

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