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Weekend Recap: Birthday Celebrations

on September 26, 2012

Sorry I’m a little late in posting this weekend recap.  I guess I had a little too much fun.  I’m still recovering.  🙂

It’s so much harder to get away for the weekend when you have kids, which is why we don’t get to do it that often.  Greg wanted to take me on a trip for my birthday, but we only had one night without the kids.  In less-than- 24-hours, we tried to pack in as much food, photography and fun as possible!

Growing up, I lived a stone’s throw from Chattanooga.  We went shopping in Chattanooga almost every weekend.  If you wanted to go to a nice restaurant, you went to Chattanooga.  So to me, Chattanooga is not that exciting.  But over the last 15 years, they have done a LOT to that area to make it exciting!  Downtown is bustling with people – families and kids – walking all over, from the Tennessee Aquarium to the Discovery Museum to the Walking Bridge and Coolidge Park.  So many interesting things to see – the buidings, the art, the water.  It’s beautiful!

We arrived downtown just in time for sunset.


downtown chattanooga

We parked on the Coolidge Park side of river so we could walk across the walking bridge to get to all the downtown attractions.  Downtown Chattanooga is alive –  it’s hopping, it’s cool.  Almost makes me wish I lived there!

Our first stop was at a restaurant called Taco Mac.  It had been probably 7+ years since I’d been to a Taco Mac, and I remembered it being really good.  Unfortunately I either remembered wrong or my tastes have changed.  It was just ok.

They have a HUGE beer selection, but it was crazy expensive.  I started off with a Magic Hat #9.

If a place is known for their buffalo wings, then what should you order?  The Buffalo Wings, of course!  The hubs and I split a half dozen.

taco mac buffalo wings


hair of the dog

From there, we were enticed into an English pub by a British flag door.  I wish I had gotten a picture of it.  The name of the bar was Hair of the Dog.

It was here that I discovered my new favorite beer…..  Pumpkinhead by Shipyard.  Seriously yummy!!  Almost doesn’t even taste like beer.  Apparently it’s hard to find, so I’m hoping that some craft beer stores in Knoxville have it, or at least know how to order it!!!

best beer ever!

best beer ever!

After this, we found some live music – a guy and his guitar, so we sat and listened for a while.  It was obvious that the college students were pretty drunk as they all went completely nuts when he started the intro to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and started dancing where there was no dance floor.  I wish I had gotten a video for you.  I didn’t even think to snap a pic, I was so enjoying the people-watching.

We finished the (very late) night at a German restaurant, Brewhaus.


We ate bad and drank more beer…  isn’t that what birthdays are for??

This was my attempt at a nightscape.  It’s a little blurry.  Perhaps I should have used a tripod.  Or maybe I shouldn’t have drunk that much beer.  LOL  Either way, the pic is a FAIL!

The next morning, we just walked around, enjoying the scenery… and the quiet.  We were enjoying the fact that we weren’t having to yell at anyone to calm down, stop running, leave your sister alone, etc etc.  You get the point.

Here’s the walking bridge in the daylight.

Birds and butterflies…. some of my favorite things to photograph!

Do you see the crane watching those board surfers?

Too many things to photograph.  I could take pictures all day.

Time for (a very late) lunch.

I love Greek food.  So this cute little restaurant called Taziki’s caught my eye.  (I had no idea it was a chain.  I’m thinking Knoxville needs one)!!

The food was fresh and delicious.  I had a Greek Salad Gyro with chicken.  The hubs had the Chicken Gyro with a “side” salad.  Seriously, that was a side salad – it was HUGE.  I would definitely go back there!

After our lunch, we didn’t have much time left before we had to pick up the kids.  No time for our previously planned hike.  That’s ok – I wasn’t too sad since we’d been walking all morning.

We headed up to the top of Lookout Mountain.  The houses up on the mountain are gorgeous.  Just check out that view!!  It’s amazing.

Yeah, I could live there!  🙂

Time to get back to reality….  and to healthy eating …..

But not before one final birthday celebration.  My mother-in-law made her famous carrot cake.  Yum.

It was an eventful and exhausting 24 hours.

Question of the Day:  If you had only 24 hours without the kids, where would you go and what would you do??



2 responses to “Weekend Recap: Birthday Celebrations

  1. […] But I’ve been craving sushi for a while now.  In fact, I told my hubby I wanted sushi on my birthday weekend, but we just couldn’t fit it into all the other fun. […]

  2. When we have 24 hours, we’ve usually sent THEM away, up to my mom’s, so we can enjoy some of the amazing restaurants and shopping right here in town, places that don’t interest them as much. 🙂

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