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Fashion Attempt #2 and Froyo

on October 12, 2012

Yesterday, in my What I Ate Wednesday post, I showed you a picture of what I wore for the day.  In another attempt at being slightly fashionable, I went shopping, bought a new dress and matching boots.  What do you think?

Don’t worry – I’m not heading to the runway any time soon.  It just beats the boring black pants with a boring one-tone sweater.  I’ve really got to stop being so boring!!  🙂

So after another long day of meetings, I was excited to relieve a little stress on the track.  The weather was beautiful, so I set off with my headphones on.  I covered 4 miles.  Not running the whole way, not even really half way either, but enough that I was feeling pretty good.  And my mind was clear.

Breakfast casserole

For dinner, we used the leftover Johnsonville sausage patties that I told you about yesterday to make a Breakfast Casserole.  Ingredients:  egg, sausage, cheese and hashbrowns.  YUM!!  The kids devoured their portions!!

And after dinner, we wanted to surprise the kids with a little treat…  Frozen Yogurt, of course.  We decided to try a new place.  (Well, it’s not that new – I think it’s been there for a year, but we’ve never been there before.)  It’s called Koolioz.

Lucy sat and ate her own cup.

Sadly, though, it really wasn’t that good.  In fact, it was the worst of all the Fro-Yo’s I’ve ever had.  The texture was weird, and it varied between flavors.  Some were thick, others runny.  I think Menchie’s is still my fave.

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite place to get Frozen Yogurt?  And what is your favorite flavor??



4 responses to “Fashion Attempt #2 and Froyo

  1. jackie376 says:

    Very cute! You look great! I am currently shopping for boots and sweaterdresses just like that! 🙂

  2. Thanks!! Believe it or not … I found it at Ross. I never shop there and just happened to have a few extra minutes so I decided to check it out. Ended up getting the dress AND the boots for $40 TOTAL!!! Yay! 🙂

  3. Love the boots and dress – cute and sassy! I’ve been wanting a nice pair of boots for a couple of weeks, and, now, I covet yours!

    Sorry that your yogurt was sub-par. In our area, I think that no less than five frozen yogurt places have opened in the l last six months. So weird because I remember TCBY being the end all/be all in frozen yogurt when we were in our 20s — are THOSE even still around. My favorite spot, now, is Sweet Frog — cleanest place, best yogurt flavors, and SO many toppings!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I remember those days too – TCBY used to be the only place to go. It was also my favorite place to go. It’s crazy to me how many little yogurt shops have popped up recently. We’ve got Menchies, Froyoz, Sweet CeCe’s, Koolioz, and Sweet Frog to choose from. My kids really like Sweet Frog too.

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