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Election Day Fun

on November 7, 2012

Today was an In-Service day, so my 2nd grader didn’t have school.  Hubby was out of town so I took the day off to stay home with the kids.  We had a great day!!  (Made me realize how much I might enjoy being a stay-at-home mom if given the opportunity)!

Watching the Backyardigans

We started the day out with some cartoons.  Curious George and Backyardigans, of course.

I made myself a veggie omelet for breakfast.

So it’s not the prettiest, but it sure tasted good!

I tried to finish the cleaning I started over the weekend.

Time to make my grocery list and organize my coupons!  I tried to recruit my 7-year old to help me clip the coupons but he’s a lefty and complained about the scissors the whole time.

just playin’

Meanwhile, the 2-year old is too young to help with chores so I let her play with the Little People.

Yes, I know I need new shoes! 🙂

After the chores were done, I needed a workout.  Having both kids with me, it was just easy to jump on my treadmill in my house rather than going to the gym.

The workout looked like this:

Minutes 0-5:  4.5mph at 1.5 incline

Minutes 6-10: 4.0mph at 8.0 incline

Then I did 50 walking lunges, 25 air squats, 15 military pushups, and 25 crunches.  Followed by 30 second plank.

Minutes 11-15: 4.5mph at 1.5 incline

Minutes 16-20: 4.0mph at 8.0 incline

Then 50 walking lunges, 25 air squats, 15 military pushups and 25 crunches.  Followed by 30 second plank.

Minutes 21-25: 4.5mph at 1.5 incline

Minutes 26-30: 4.0mph at 8.0 incline

And final round of 50 walking lunges, 25 air squats, 15 military pushups and 25 crunches.  Followed by a 60 second plank.

Yes, my legs are jello now!

Lunch time!  The kids love whole wheat wraps!!  Usually I make it a peanut butter and jelly wrap, but they’ll pretty much eat anything if you put it in a wrap.

I didn’t take a pic of my lunch, simply because it wasn’t anything elaborate.  I just had almonds and apple slices with peanut butter.  Nothing fancy.

And I’m not going to lie …  my favorite part of the whole day …  NAP TIME!  Yes, I napped.  I’m not ashamed.

And, I have to share my successful shopping trip with you.  This might be one of my best yet!  I am not an extreme couponer, but I do clip the coupons that come in the Sunday paper, I print coupons off the internet, and I load e-coupons onto my Kroger card.  I also like to pair the weekly sales with coupons to maximize my savings.  It worked well this week.

As you can see from the receipt, I saved more than I spent.  And I have to tell you …  I bought plenty of produce, as well as shrimp, pork chops and ground beef (which there are rarely coupons for).  I also stocked up on laundry detergent, shaving cream and vitamins (because of good coupons).  For example, the Nature Made vitamins were on sale – buy one get one free.  So I found two bottles that were $11.49 each.  I also had 2 coupons for $2 off one.  So, for the 2 bottles of vitamins, I would have paid $23, but instead paid only $7.49.  I get really excited about deals like that!

And, I racked up my fuel points!  I love Kroger!!  🙂

My grocery helper

Question of the Day:  What is the best deal you ever got at the grocery store?


4 responses to “Election Day Fun

  1. I miss the Backyardigans!! The boys and I used to watch them all the time. I love the musical themes that accompany each episode. In fact, I think I still have one of their “albums” in iTunes. 🙂

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