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What I Ate Wednesday – 11/7/12

on November 7, 2012

Time for the weekly installment of What I Ate Wendesday!  Shout out to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for creating this fun link up!

Did you know today is also National Healthy Eating Day?   Yep!  Let’s celebrate.  🙂

I was really excited to get out of bed this morning!  Not because of the National Healthy Eating Day.  And certainly not because I had to go back to work today after being off yesterday.  No, I was excited because I bought a new creamer!!  Coffee Mate has their holiday flavors out.  And while I love all the flavors I just can’t have most of them because of the high sugar count.  (Never looked at the label on creamer?  Do it).

BUT… lo and behold ….  Coffee Mate made the Pumpkin Spice in SUGAR FREE!!!!  YIPEEEEEE!!!!  I wish they could make all the holiday flavors sugar free, but if they were only going to do one, they picked the right one!!  The pumpkin spice is my favorite!

As it’s getting colder outside, it’s harder to have a kale protein shake for breakfast.  I’m shivering by the time I get to work.  Even with heated seats!  (which, by the way, are the BEST invention ever)!!

So breakfast today was an egg sandwich.  No bacon this time.  Just egg and a little cheese. Mmmmm.

Of course, after taking the day off yesterday, my TO DO list was really long today.  😦

So I had a little almond snack.  I’ll just say ….  I love Trader Joe’s and I love the wasabi almonds but they are not hot enough for me.  I like the Blue Diamond version of the wasabi better.  It’s hotter!

with Boca burger

So that’s my homemade salad.  Don’t make fun.  Yes, I know it doesn’t look very appealing, but it tasted good!  It’s simply mixed greens, chopped red and yellow bell peppers, carrots, sunflower seeds and vinaigrette dressing with a Veggie Boca Burger on top.  (That Boca burger only has 70 calories, but it has 15 grams of protein)!


I couldn’t wait for dinner!  I had been thinking about some fish tacos ALL DAY!!!

And after not seeing the hubby for a couple of days, I was glad to curl up on the couch with him and a glass of wine.  🙂

I usually have a hard time getting the kids to eat what we eat.  But tonight they enjoyed a plain piece of fish with a side of peas.  I call that a success.

Finished the night off with an episode of Nashville.  Anyone else watching that show??  I love it!!!  Did you happen to hear my favorite local band, the Dirty Guv’nahs?  This is the second episode that they’ve had one of their songs featured on the show.  How cool is that?!?


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