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Last Chance Survey

on November 14, 2012

I’m a huge fan of Surveys, so after I saw Heather from Kiss My Broccoli Blog post this, I knew I had to do it too ….

Last Food You Ate:

Dinner was sauteed zucchini and salmon on the grill …

Last Beverage You Drank:

Coffee…  drinking as I type this, as a matter of fact.  🙂

Last Workout You Did:

I went running yesterday – 4.2 miles @ Lakeshore  (This is the screen shot from my Endomondo app).

Last Thing You Pinned:

Can I just say how much I love Pinterest??  I’ve been a pinning fool lately, getting ready for the holidays… elf on the shelf ideas, Thanksgiving recipes, Christmas crafts, etc.  You can view my boards here.

The last thing I pinned was a recipe for Homemade Stuffing with whole wheat bread and fresh fruits and veggies by Spark People.  Doesn’t this look yummy??  Recipe HERE.

Last Text Message You Sent:

To hubby last night, to let him know I was on my way home

Last Blog You Visited:

It was Peas and Crayons.  Not only to see her WIAW post, but also look up her recipe for Salmon Tacos.  I might know where I have some leftover salmon  🙂

Last Place You Visited:

North Carolina mountains …. for more pics, visit this post or this post.  (I took so many pictures I couldn’t fit them all in one blog post)  🙂

Last Time You Did Ab Work:

Eek.  Do I have to answer this one?  I’m embarassed to say it’s been a while ….  Probably last Tuesday when I did this workout with planks.

Note to self:  Do ab work tonight!  🙂

Last Show You Watched:

Last night we were catching up on the DVR.  We watched ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’.  That show is flippin’ CREEPY!!  I loved the first season with Connie Britton.  But this season… man, it’s Insane!!

Last Thing You Baked:

I cook a lot more than I bake.  I think the last thing I baked would have to be this super simple Pumpkin Cake.  2 ingredients:  1 box of spice cake mix and 1 can of pumpkin.  That’s it – bake at 350 for 30 minutes or so.  Could not be easier.

Last Thing You Instagrammed:

Well, the last thing I instagrammed was my coffee (above).  The one before that was my zucchini (above).  And the one before that was featured on the blog already in this post.  And I didn’t want to repeat a photo, so I had to go 4 back to get this little gem:

Last Item on Your TO DO List Today:

Clean the bathrooms.  It’s always last on the list because I always put it off.  I hate cleaning bathrooms …  especially with a 7-year old son!  YUK!!!

Ok…  Passing the torch …  now it’s your turn to complete the survey!!  🙂


3 responses to “Last Chance Survey

  1. Ick, bathroom cleaning is always at the bottom of my list too…and I live alone! Lol And holy crap, the picture for that show is totally creeping me out! I am such a total wimp when it comes to scary stuff! Lol

    That stuffing looks incredible! I love adding fruits and nuts, but my dad is the pickiest eater so I can never get to experiment as much as I would like on the holidays. Guess I’ll just have to work on making a tiny batch just for me…then I can have Thanksgiving anytime I want! 😀

  2. […] I always love these fun little surveys.  When I saw that Katie at Katie Moves posted a Last Things Thusday on her blog, I wanted to do it too.  It’s similar to the one I posted a month ago. […]

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