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Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

on November 26, 2012

From WordPressThankful. In the United States, yesterday was Thanksgiving, a holiday where people spend time with family and friends and remember the things they’re thankful for.

I think the idea of being thankful and reflecting back on good things in your life is something that naturally happens towards the end of a calendar year. This year, I’m really thankful for my good health, which affects everything and everyone else in my life! These legs and feet take me everywhere I need to go!

Share a picture which means THANKFUL to you!

I’m know this is cliche and I’m certain it will be way overused in this theme, but I can’t help but be thankful for my family….

Most of all, I’m so very thankful that my sweet 2-1/2 daughter is very healthy now, despite the rough start she had.  Born 16 weeks early at only 1 lb, 9 oz, she fought for her life in the NICU for 4-1/2 months.

It’s hard to go back and look at these pictures, to remember this difficult time.  But this is where she came from.  Because of this, she is a tough little girl.

And now look at that precious little face.  She is such a little sweetheart too.  I know God has big plans for her!


6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

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  2. Aian Ramos says:

    Precious little girl, a true gift from heaven!
    You’re such an amazing mom, too. You’re right it’s hard to look at those photos of her being so small and fragile, but you both made it! I can only imagine your faith and strength. You deserve such an angel 🙂

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes. I am so so so thankful that your little girl had such a strong spirit and such a loving family.

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