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November Bulu Box Review

on November 30, 2012


I have no idea why all my photos are sideways.  I apologize – you’ll have to tilt your head to see it.

What’s included:

Almased:  A metabolism booster which supports fat loss and ensures muscle retention.  It’s in powder form and you mix it with milk or water.  I chose water.  It’s supposed to be a meal replacement for weight loss or a supplement for wellness.  I was not a fan.

CocoaWell True Energy:  a pill that supposedly enhanced energy, fights fatigue and stress.  It’s hard to tell with only one pill if it works or not.

Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant: a crystal-infused towelette.  I do have to say, this came in quite handy since I started running during my lunch hour.  It’s so nice to wipe the sweat off before putting work clothes back on!

Perky Jerky: a healthy satisfying snack flavored with guarana

FRS Healthy Energy Chews:  formulated with quercetin, a powerful all-natural antioxidant

I really wanted to like these FRS healthy energy chews, but the flavor was so weird.  It almost tasted like medicine halfway through the chew.  I might buy those again, but I wouldn’t get the pineapple mango.  (Which is crazy because I love love love pineapples).

The Perky Jerky, on the other hand, was awesome!!  Very tasty.  I could have eaten triple the amount they gave me in this sample.  YUM!!  I will definitely be buying this one.


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