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Weekend Recap: Concert, Pancakes and Cleaning

on December 3, 2012

I had been anxiously awaiting this weekend for a few weeks.  Ever since we saw the Delta Saints in Market Square and found out they were having a CD release party at Exit/In in Nasvhville, we knew we had to go!

It was a really quick trip.  We didn’t even leave Knoxville til 5pm on Friday, and it’s a 2-1/2 hour drive to Nashville.  Thankfully, you gain an hour on the drive over when you cross from Eastern to Central time.  We had planned on eating at a local place called the Tavern, which came highly recommended by a friend who lives in town.  Unfortnately, by the time we dropped our stuff at the hotel and made it to the Tavern, it was 8 o’clock central time.  The concert started at 9pm and there was an hour long wait at the Tavern.  I’m sure it would have been good, but we couldn’t miss the concert.


So we ended up at a little sushi place across from the Exit/In, called Samurai.  I ordered Saki, of course!

drinking sake

My first sip of sake

Unfortunately, my phone was acting a little crazy.  So I didn’t get any pictures of the sushi.  Nor did I get any pictures of the opening band, The Black Cadillacs, who are also from Knoxville!  But thankfully it decided to work again when I wanted a few pics of the Delta Saints …

the delta saints

This concert was so totally worth the drive!!  They killed it!!  If you’ve never heard of the Delta Saints, you absolutely have to check them out.  They totally know how to rock…  New Orleans style.  A mix of blues and rock, very soulful rhythm.  And oh my goodness, Ben can sing!!!

delta saints

the delta saints 2

You need to listen to this video…  A Bird Called Angola.  And check out their new album with ‘Liar’ and ‘Death Letter Jubilee’.  They are my new favorite band!!

signing my name

Me signing my name on their sign

We found a deal on Expedia for this place called the Hotel Preston.  It ended up being a very cool, contemporary place.  I would totally go back there.

hotel preston

Despite the way the neon sign looks, the room was really nice.  We were up on the 10th floor and enjoyed the views of downtown Nashville from the room.

hotel room

We didn’t have much time on Saturday morning before we had to head back to town to pick up the kiddos.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go shopping or get breakfast.  Food won.  After a late night out, I wanted pancakes.

line for pancakes

Do you see that line out the door??  That’s the wait to get in.  And it was consistently backed up ALL morning!  People were standing in line for over an hour ….  to get PANCAKES!  I figured they must be pretty good so we decided to wait as well.

pancake pantry

pancake menu

I chose the Sweet Potato Pancakes.  They were the BEST pancakes I’ve ever eaten!!

sweet potato pancakes

sweet potato pancakes

And yes, that is a spoonful of butter on the side of the pancake.  I watched them as they spooned it out of these large buckets to put on every plate.

See the Batman building?

See the Batman building?

We hated leaving Nashville.  So much fun.  I think I could totally live there.

cleaning out drawers

Sunday, it was back to reality.  It was time to clean the house.  I’ve been meaning to do this for several weeks, and it just so happened that the #Elf4Health challenge this weekend was to clean out your closets.  I basically pulled everything out of my drawers, put back in the things I wanted to keep and then whatever was left on the floor was going to Goodwill.  That took most of the day.  It feels so good to purge!  I highly recommend it.

Click HERE for the Elf4Health calendar for the coming week.  If you’re not already signed up, you still have time to get in for next week.


I’ll leave you with an Instagram of the sunset I took this weekend.  The sky gave us beautiful sunsets on both Saturday and Sunday night …

instagram sunset


2 responses to “Weekend Recap: Concert, Pancakes and Cleaning

  1. […] The Black Cadillacs put on a good show too.  And incidentally, they opened for The Delta Saints at their CD Release party at the Exit/In in Nashville on Nov 30th. […]

  2. […] Square in October when they opened for The Black Cadillacs.  It was there they told us about the CD release party at Exit/In in Nashville, so we had to go.  And finally, back in Knoxville at Barley’s.  I’m not sure when I’ll see them […]

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