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Last Things Thursday

on December 14, 2012

I always love these fun little surveys.  When I saw that Katie at Katie Moves posted a Last Things Thusday on her blog, I wanted to do it too.  It’s similar to the one I posted a month ago.

1. Last thing on my iPod —

The Delta Saints ….  Just. Can’t. Get. Enough.

They will be in Knoxville on January 18th at Barleys!  I can’t wait!!




2. Last workout

I woke up with a massive sinus headache, so running was completely out of the question.  Every step I took, I felt it in my sinus cavity.  But the weather was so pretty and I really wanted to try out my new shoes.  (And my new compression pants!! -woop woop)!!

So I took a 3-mile walk around my [hilly] neighborhood, which felt pretty good.  And I got some natural Vitamin D!

new pants and shoes


3. Last cell phone picture

I just took it a few minutes ago.  Pogo was snuggling up to Luke this morning.


And last night I was posting pictures of him on Instagram.

sweet kitty

sweet kitty


4. Last book read

Well, I just finished my Nutrition class.  I read that whole book.  Does that count?  I don’t really have time for fiction right now.

nutrition book


5. Last snack


When I got back from my walk, I wanted something warm.  I was hoping we had one of those little instant Starbucks packets.  Instead, I found this.  It’s a coffee protein drink.  15 grams of protein and only 120 calories.  It says you can drink it hot or cold.  So I made it into hot chocolate.  I couldn’t get the powder to completely dissolve.  So there chunks.  And it didn’t really taste like hot chocolate.  It wasn’t bad.  But it wasn’t that good either.


Hubby was out of town last night.  With my sinus headache, I didn’t feel like cooking dinner for just the 3 of us.  So we went to Papa Murphy’s!  YUM.

xmas lights

Then we drove around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights, pointing out which decorations we liked the best.

Question of the Day:  Do you still exercise when you are sick?  Or do you take a rest day??



2 responses to “Last Things Thursday

  1. I see how I feel – some days there is nothing better than a gentle swim and sauna for a head cold and others my body needs sleep and I can tell I won’t be getting better without it. Walking is always a great options though!

  2. katiemoves says:

    Yay last things Thursday 🙂 I take a good ol rest day when I’m sick!

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