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Weekend Recap: Christmas Part Two and Family Game Day

on December 31, 2012

Whew.  We had a busy weekend.  Hard to believe it’s over already.  We had such a good time – first with hubby’s family on Saturday and then my family on Sunday.

I wore my ‘HO HO HO’ shirt, which backward is ‘OH OH OH’.  LOL  Even though it was the 29th of December, we were pretending it was still Christmas Day.



One of my favorites parts of Christmas is always watching other people open the presents I buy for them.  I try to put careful thought into purchasing gifts and get things that I think they will really enjoy.  I could care less if I open anything.  Really.  I’m not just saying that.

more presents!!

Lunch was Egg Salad Sandwiches with chips and slaw.  YUM.

egg salad

my plate

my plate

My kids, however, were not quite as thrilled about egg salad as I was.


Well, this picture was taken BEFORE we gave them the sandwich.  They look unusually happy here.  Perhaps they don’t know what we’re serving for lunch.

present time

After lunch, it was time to open presents!!

cowboy boots

My daughter stomped around in my cowboy boots all afternoon.

sassy pants

Then she wore her new socks on her hands while she carried her Dr Seuss tote bag around.  I’m telling you … this kid is a TRIP!!!  She is constantly cracking me up.

pants on the head

Now she’s wearing her pants on her head.  (Thank you, Uncle Alan, for teaching her that!)  lol

baby lamb

And after yet another wardrobe change (into her brand new pajamas), she’s examining her new baby lamb.  I guess she decided he was alright so she gave him a hug.


Since today’s Elf4Health challenge was to do something for yourself, I tried to sneak away for a little quiet time with my hot tea by the tree.  It didn’t last very long, but it was the only quiet time I would get all day!

hot tea

Cute mug courtesy of Joy Tanner Pottery! 🙂

version5edited Elf for Health

Dinner was Chicken Tetrazzini.  I wasn’t thrilled about seeing all those carbs.  And it really just goes downhill from here!  (Might as well go ahead and take away my “Elf4Health” badge right now)!   🙂

chicken tetrazzini

Don’t get me wrong – it was delicious.  But I felt guilty for eating it.

dessert tray

I felt even worse after I had a piece of cheesecake.  Seriously, how can I resist cheesecake???  In my defense, I have not had one in over a year!  Yes, a full year.  The last cheesecake I had was the one I made for Thanksgiving last year ….  Southern Living’s Pumpkin-Pecan Cheesecake.  It was DIVINE! Here’s a pic:

last year's cheesecake


Who brought the chocolate????

mom and martha

I didn’t take any pictures while we were playing Apples to Apples.

Nancy and Andy

But this was towards the end of the evening when we played Scattergories.


So. Much. Fun.

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite family game??  (We might need a few suggestions for our next get together)!!


One response to “Weekend Recap: Christmas Part Two and Family Game Day

  1. What a wonderful second Christmas! The pictures of your daughter with the Ty lamb are just adorable!

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