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First week of the New Year

on January 5, 2013

And what have I gotten accomplished??  Not much.  Sadly, not much at all.  My daughter has been sick.  New Years Day we spent the whole day on the couch watching every animated movie we could find while trying to keep her fever down.  The next day, I took her to the doctor only to find out she has a double ear infection and her right eardrum has ruptured.  So bring on the meds.  10 days of antibiotics and ear drops.  😦

ice cream for dinner

After a few bad nights, I finally pulled out all the stops last night.  I deployed every home remedy I could think of …. warm bath, Vicks Vaporub on her feet, honey for her throat and a pillow under her mattress.  And guess what?  It worked!!  She slept all night long – I never heard her cough once!  Yay!

Oh, I did do one thing this week ….  Something I resisted doing for a really really long time …..  I joined Twitter.  I used to roll my eyes at that particular social media phenomenon.  I thought Facebook was bad enough with the oversharing.  I really didn’t want to read an hour by hour recap of everyone’s thoughts during the day.  And I still don’t.  But I feel as if I am missing out a little, so here I am.  You can follow me –  katiedaisy921.  Don’t expect me to be tweeting a whole lot.  In fact,  I may need a little tutorial on how to use it.

I much prefer Instagram when it comes to sharing and Social Media.  Speaking of Instagram, I had something exciting happen yesterday!!  BMWUSA picked my photo to feature for it’s #fanfriday post.  Mine was dead center in a collage of 9 photos.  Yay.  I entered it in the #BMWnewyear photo contest.  This particular day was ‘steering wheel’.


So needless to say –  I am really glad it’s the weekend!!  But there will be no rest for this girl.  All the things I didn’t get done this week are still on my To Do List.  I need to clean the house, laundry, study, long run, and catch up on emails.  What are you doing this weekend??

Questions of the Day:

1) What is your favorite Social Media site??  2)  Do you use Twitter?  3)  If so, what do you like most about it?


3 responses to “First week of the New Year

  1. Oh no, i’m so sorry to hear your daughter is ill! Hope she feels better soon!

  2. […] remember all those home remedies I told you about in my last post?  Well, they didn’t work on Saturday night.  She woke up crying about 5 times between […]

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