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What I Ate Wednesday – 1/30/13

on January 31, 2013

I totally forgot it was Wednesday this morning. Which is not good, considering we have a Dept meeting every Wednesday morning at 8:30. This week has flown by so fast that I was still on Tuesday. So I drank my shake in the car while i sped on the way to work.

kale shake

We haven’t been making our kale protein shakes lately because it’s so cold outside. But thank goodness for heated seats. Best invention ever, in my opinion!!
And I totally see myself using them during the summer too.

egg wrap 1

For lunch, I made the most incredible wrap!! I started with a Trader Joe’s Habanero tortilla. Two hard-boiled eggs, avocado (which just makes everything better), spinach, and sriracha sauce.

egg wrap 2


egg wrap 3

It rained so hard today that it flooded this little creek next to my building. I’d had plans to run errands at lunch but quickly changed my mind. There was no way I was getting out in that mess. I decided we could stretch our low supply of diapers out one more day.


There’s still candy left over from Christmas so I couldn’t resist indulging in a little afternoon snack.

afternoon snack

It was left over night at our house. Everyone ate something different. There was one bowl of soup left and one piece of meat loaf left.

white chix chili

Which one do you think I had??

meat loaf and mashed taters


We’ve had a running monopoly game going all week. Fun family time.

playing bells



4 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday – 1/30/13

  1. That peppermint chocolate looks incredible, I haven’t had anything like it before. Love the idea of you sitting nice and cosy on a heated seat while sipping a cold smoothie! And your lunch wrap looks incredible. Avocado for the win every time!

  2. I love telling ONE child –“you’re having a chicken quesadilla tonight!” and the other “looks like french toast and sausage for you!” I always seem to have leftovers that are only adequate for one or two people, and I hate to waste them, right?

    • Oh I know! I am not one to waste food at all. We frequently eat different things for dinner just because I don’t want anything to go to waste. But inevitably, if I give one kid something they love, they will still want whatever the other one is having. Always.

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