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Weekend Recap: More Snow and Super Bowl

on February 5, 2013

So after my hair appt on Saturday morning, I came outside to a surprise on my car.

snow on the car

I was so looking forward to the weekend.  I thought I’d heard the forecasters say that it was going to warm up.  (They lied)!

I’d planned a nice long run outside.  Instead, it snowed on both Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday the temperature never rose above 33 degrees.  And I have a rule:  I don’t run if the temp is less than 40.  Call me a wimp, that’s fine.  I can’t stand for my nose to run while I’m running.  And I hate breathing the cold air, it burns my lungs and throat.  (Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking – I’m not a true runner if I can’t brave the conditions.  That’s fine – snicker if you will.  I can take it).  So that meant I was stuck inside on the dreadmill.  At least I can watch TV while I’m on the treadmill.  Time to catch up on ‘The Biggest Loser’!  🙂

On Sunday morning, it came down HARD and FAST, and it accumulated quickly.  There was at least an inch on the ground.   The boys had fun playing in it while it was here.

more snow

They weren’t out there 10 minutes before they were back in asking for hot chocolate.


So I made everyone a coffee cake for breakfast.

coffee cake

A snowy day outside means laziness inside!!

We originally had plans to go to a friend’s house for the Super Bowl, but I hadn’t finished my homework or taken a test yet, so I had to bow out.

Instead, we made the kids some fun treats:  Pigs in a Blanket and Mini Apple Pies.  Who doesn’t love anything wrapped in a crescent roll.

crescent roll goodies

Hubby made some beer cheese dip while I was studying!  YUM!!!

beer cheese dip



And finally, Southern Living’s Pineapple Shrimp Rice.

pineapple shrimp rice

The food was good.  (But my test was not, which is a whole other story in itself).

I was not excited about the football game at all.  Wait, who was playing again??  I can’t remember.  I wasn’t excited about the half time show either.  I can’t believe I let my 7-year old stay up to watch the half-naked Beyonce and backup dancers shake their booties on the big screen.

What did you do to celebrate the big game??


4 responses to “Weekend Recap: More Snow and Super Bowl

  1. Yum – a coffee cake breakfast sounds amazing for a weekend breakfast! I totally agree with you about running in the cold, if I can’t comfortably run in capris then forget it!

  2. Finally! Someone who understands that a raw throat and a runny nose totally RUIN a workout! Hopefully we’ll see some warmer weather soon — I’m in a total winter funk these days. :p

  3. […] I’ve cooked since Sunday, but the last thing I baked had to be our fun appetizers we had on Super Bowl Sunday. […]

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