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What I Ate Wednesday: 2/6/13

on February 7, 2013

I’ve totally been slacking on the Blog this week.  It’s been a crazy busy week at work, lots of meetings and lots of traveling!!

This morning started with a 90-minute drive to a client’s office for open enrollment meetings.  So I enjoyed my usual kale shake on the way.  (With my seat warmers on, of course).

kale shake

After the meetings were over, my client and I had lunch at the Cracker Barrel ….  Mmmmmmmm …..  Cajun spiced grilled catfish with 3 veggie sides.  I couldn’t resist fried okra.  I haven’t had fried okra in a while and it was so yummy!!!  This catfish was perfect.  I don’t normally eat at the Cracker Barrel, and if I do go it’s usually for breakfast.  But I may have to go back just to get this catfish again.  Yummers! 🙂


And I must have been hungry (or it was just THAT good) ….  but I ate every single bite of that food!!!

It was 60 degrees when I got home from work today.  I couldn’t resist taking the girl out for a walk!!  Absolutely perfect weather!!

walking workout

I think I might be getting a touch of Spring Fever!!!  I know it’s a little early.  We’ll probably get snow again before winter comes.  But I am loving this small heat wave!

Check out that sunset I saw while I was walking!

sunset during walk

When I got home from my walk, I threw a few things in the skillet ….  can you guess what I’m making???

chicken and veggies

Fajitas!!!!!!!   The only thing that would have made it better would have been avocado.


Well, that was my Wednesday.

I’ll leave you with the sweetest note I found in my son’s backpack today.  I imagine the assignment was to write a Valentines Day note.  So he chose to write his to his sister …..

valentines note

Is that not the sweetest note you’ve ever read?!?!  So so precious.  He loves his sister so much.  And she adores him.  I am so blessed!!!



2 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday: 2/6/13

  1. That note is beyond cute, so so adorable. Great looking eats, I’m turning into quite the fajita fan!

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