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I Could Save A Life…

on April 11, 2013

… in theory.  Why?  Because I am now CPR certified!!!  That was actually my first time going through a certification class.  Sure, the hospital taught us the techniques when we brought the babies home, but that was only infant CPR.  Now I am officially certified in adult CPR.  AND I know how to use the AED machine!  (which is super easy – just turn it on – it’s dummy proof!!)

cpr training

I was really kinda dreading the class, knowing I would have to practice on dummies, but it was fun.

What led me to sign up for the certification class, though, was the fact that when I went to register for my ACE Fitness test, I realized that I couldn’t even register for an exam until I had the CPR certification.  I knew I had to be certified before I took the exam, but I didn’t know I had to be certified before I could even register for it.  So I panicked.  I needed to find the closest class available.

cpr and aed trained

I had to wait another 3 weeks before the class was held.  I was so afraid that the test spots would fill up in the meantime.  I had already missed out on the closest exam date held in Knoxville.  I was already going to have to drive to Chattanooga to take the test now.

But now that it’s over, I am officially signed up for my ACE Fitness Test.  It’s just slightly less than 6 weeks away.  So I better get cracking!!!

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