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Last Things Thursday: 2/21/13

This is going to be a fun one.  Thursday was a super crazy day!

1. Last Food You Ate:

A protein bar and a coffee.  Yes, that was my dinner.  Let me explain.  I had only a limited amount of time from when I left work to when I had to meet Mom in Maryville to see my cousin in a play.  But tonight was my night to run, and I really needed to get my workout in.  So I changed quickly, went running, got a coffee afterwards (because I was cold), drove 30 minutes to Maryville, changed back into my dress and boots in the car, and made it to the lobby by 6:45.  No time for dinner.  But luckily, I had a protein bar in my purse!!

protein bar and coffee

2. Last Beverage You Drank:

See previous question.  It was coffee.  And I’m thinking that drinking that much caffeine at 6:30pm was probably not the greatest idea I’ve ever had!!

3. Last workout:

4.2 miles at Lakeshore.  It wasn’t the fastest I’ve ever run.  I walked some too.  But I didn’t want to get too sweaty before the play.

lakeshore run

4. Last thing You Pinned:

Oh goodness – I haven’t been on Pinterest in days.  Too busy  😦

5. Last text message you sent:

To hubby, of course.  I let him know when the play was over.  And that it was POURING and I had parked like a football field or two away from the building.  So I looked like a drowned rat when I got home!!

6. Last blog you visited:

Katie Moves.  I especially enjoyed reading her engagement story earlier in the week. Congratulations, Katie!!

7. Last place you visited:

The Clayton Center for the Arts at Maryville College (that’s where the play was).

8. Last show you watched:

Does the play count??  It was called ‘Hay Fever’ by Noel Coward.  It was set in England in the 1920’s.  The playwright himself described Hay Fever as “one of the most difficult plays to perform that I have encountered … it has no plot at all, and remarkably little action.”  So he even admitted there was no plot.  It was cute at times.  A little slow.  The actors were great.  Though, I think I missed some dialog based on the fact I couldn’t understand what they were saying in their fake British accents.


That’s my cousin, Gregg, sitting there at the table.

hay fever play

And us afterwards….

me and my cousin

9. Last thing you baked:

Ack.  I just realized I haven’t baked anything since I did this survey last week.  Though, it’s just as well.  It took us days to finally finish that strawberry cake.  And I’d rather not have all that temptation sugar just sitting around the house.

10. Last photo you instagrammed:

Technically, the last photo I instagrammed was of my salad last night.  But since I shared that in yesterday’s WIAW post, I went a little further back to get my daughter dancing on the table:


Whew!  That was quite a day.  I left the house at 7:45am and arrived back home, exhausted, at 10:30pm.  Thankgoodness tomorrow is Friday!!!

PS – any other WordPress users out there??  Do you find that after you hit ‘Post’ that sometimes pictures or words just disappear???  It seems to happen almost every other time.  I have to remember to go back and reread my post after I publish, because more often that not, I have to hit ‘Edit’.  A little frustrating.


Last Things Thursday – 2/7/13

1. Last Food you Ate:

A big, fat juicy hamburger from a restaurant called Tripps.  I was starving by the time we sat down so any healthy options were out the window.



2. Last Beverage You Drank:

Water ….  right after a Fat Tire from the tap!!  🙂

3. Last Workout:

Treadmill time this morning.  Quick intervals with squats/ walking lunges/wall sits afterwards.

4. Last Thing You Pinned:  (Follow Me:  katiedaisy921)

A spinach crust pizza.  I am so intrigued.  We tried the cauliflower crust and it was good, but I love spinach so I can only imagine how much better this will be!

Pinned Image


5. Last Text Message You Sent:

To my MIL checking on the kids.  They were having a good time at Gramma and Grampa’s house.

6. Last Blog You Visited:

Peas and Crayons for the Weekly Linkup of WIAW.

7. Last Place You Visited:

Besides a new restaurant named Tripps, I also visited the Wine Store today.  (I found these really cool chocolate red wines for Valentines Day).

8. Last Show You Watched:

‘The Biggest Loser’ while on the treadmill.  I’m still a couple of episodes behind, so don’t tell me who’s gone home the last couple of weeks.  🙂

9. Last Thing You Baked:

I’ve cooked since Sunday, but the last thing I baked had to be our fun appetizers we had on Super Bowl Sunday.

10. Last Photo You Instagrammed:   (Follow Me:  katiedaisy921)

Since I’ve already shared with you the last 2 photos I instagrammed in yesterday’s post, here is a photo I took today.  I meant to share it on Instagram, but never finished the post.  I think the fog looks so cool over the mountains.

fog on the mountains

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Random Thoughts

Over the last couple of days, I’ve had a lot of random thoughts that I wanted to share with you all.  So I thought it was time for a completely random post!  Sometimes the thoughts in my head are all over the board, so I guess it’s only fitting that the Blog is too!  🙂

1)  Ok – remember that Carb challenge we had at work?  Well, it’s over.  I had to pay $24 into the pot when it was all said and done.  I pretty much cheated every weekend.  Two people tied for first place.  I believe they only had 10 cheat days each.  They each received a $94 prize.  That’s a lot of money that was paid into the pot!  But wait – there’s more!  There was also a prize to the person who was voted ‘Most Supportive Teammate.’  Guess what?!?  That was ME!  I totally wasn’t expecting that.  I won $62  But I will say that I love motivating and inspiring others to achieve their fitness goals.  I love cheering on my friends.

2)  I am so excited about this!  I was contacted by a representative for a new fitness tracker website/ app called Slim Kicker.  They want me to test out the new product, which will be similar to a Fit Bit, and then blog about it.  Sure!  I love the concept.  It takes your diet and fitness goals and turns them into a game!  You can connect with friends for that accountability feature, and the best part is that as you reach your goals and “level up”, you can win prizes!  Now that is some motivation right there.  My user name is katiedaisy921 if anyone wants to buddy up.  I am excited to start using it.  I will let you know how I like it.

3)  I know I sound like a broken record on this one, BUT – we are restarting P90x.  Today is Day 1.  And it will work in conjunction with another Challenge!  My Beachbody coach posted a “Get Lean for Halloween” Challenge.  It’s actually a 90-day challenge to take us through the end of the year, with prizes at each 30-day interval.  So that was motivation for me.  90 days til the end of the year.  Let’s start P90x now.  I want to finish it this time!  Of course, I may be completely crazy trying to do this at my busiest time of the year.  Then again, it may be when I need it the most!

4)  And to follow up a thought about fitness, it’s only fitting that I talk about ice cream!  🙂  Remember that Blue Bell ice cream contest that I told you about where you get to pick the old flavor to bring back?  Mine didn’t win.  Caramel Turtle Cheesecake won.  They say it will be available early next year.

5)  Recent stats show 92 posts since June!  Over 2,300 page views, and growing everyday!  Thanks, guys!  I’m so glad you read my Blog.  Sometimes I feel like Barney Stinson on ‘How I Met Your Mother’, always talking about his blog but none of his friends read it.  LOL  I love that show!!

6) Even after I posted the September calendar for FatMumSlim’s photoaday challenge, I don’t think I actually took one photo all month!  #epicfail  So here is the October calendar, and I am going to try really hard to participate this time.

fatmumslim photo challenge


I think that’s all the randomness I have for today.  So excited that it’s Saturday.  The hubby took the son to a festival this morning, so I am trying to get some things done this morning.  I’ve already made a looooooong list!  Blogging, running, cleaning, baking, shopping.  Not sure if I can get it all done or not.  I still have my daughter here with me and since she’s 2, she’s not a whole lot of help.  But at least she’s darn cute!  🙂

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!  Later.

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Blog on Fire Award

I was so excited to hear that I was nominated for a ‘Blog on Fire’ award.  Thank you, Kenzie, at Strong Like My Coffee.  I wasn’t sure what it was so I had to do a little research myself.   The awards are just an informal way of linking up with other bloggers, letting people know whose blogs you like.  And it’s kinda like a chain letter.  (Remember those from elementary school?)  Where the first blogger nominates 8 people, then those 8 people each nominate 8 more people, and so on, keeping the chain going.

So, now that I have the award, it is my duty to nominate the 8blogs that I feel deserve the ‘Blog on Fire’ Award, and then tell you 8 things about myself.  (Drum roll, please)!

Here are the 8 blogs I’ve been reading lately that I believe deserve some recognition (in no particular order):

1) Nutritiously Plated

2) Between A Squat and A Hard Place — Love that name

3)  Manda Kay Makes It – I like her spirit and determination.

4) Run Eat Play Blog — I don’t know how she does it all

5) The Dancing Runner

6) Running Wilder

7) Muddy Mommy

8) Play Life Out Loud

And now to the even harder part ….  8 things about me:

1)  I love olives.  But it hasn’t always been that way.  In fact, I didn’t even start liking them until about the last 3 years or so.  When I was a kid, just the smell of an olive would make me gag.  Now, I put them on almost everything.

2) My office is 8 miles from my house, but it takes me 20 minutes to drive there with school zones and traffic.

3)  My favorite time of year is Fall.

4) I hate wearing my glasses.  I feel like a frumpy librarian.

5) When I was a kid, I actually wanted to be a writer when I grew up.  (Does blogging count??)

6)  My favorite color is yellow.

7)  I hate it when people make such vague comments on Facebook like “I can’t believe that just happened,” which begs the question, “What happened?” or “What are you talking about?”

8)  I actually like watching ‘The Backyardigans’ with my kids.  Sometimes I find myself singing the little songs in my head all day.

And there you have it.

I hope you will go check out these Blogs that I think are on Fire.  And I hope the Bloggers I nominated will keep the chain going.

Happy Saturday.sunset


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