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Last Things Thursday: 2/21/13

This is going to be a fun one.  Thursday was a super crazy day!

1. Last Food You Ate:

A protein bar and a coffee.  Yes, that was my dinner.  Let me explain.  I had only a limited amount of time from when I left work to when I had to meet Mom in Maryville to see my cousin in a play.  But tonight was my night to run, and I really needed to get my workout in.  So I changed quickly, went running, got a coffee afterwards (because I was cold), drove 30 minutes to Maryville, changed back into my dress and boots in the car, and made it to the lobby by 6:45.  No time for dinner.  But luckily, I had a protein bar in my purse!!

protein bar and coffee

2. Last Beverage You Drank:

See previous question.  It was coffee.  And I’m thinking that drinking that much caffeine at 6:30pm was probably not the greatest idea I’ve ever had!!

3. Last workout:

4.2 miles at Lakeshore.  It wasn’t the fastest I’ve ever run.  I walked some too.  But I didn’t want to get too sweaty before the play.

lakeshore run

4. Last thing You Pinned:

Oh goodness – I haven’t been on Pinterest in days.  Too busy  😦

5. Last text message you sent:

To hubby, of course.  I let him know when the play was over.  And that it was POURING and I had parked like a football field or two away from the building.  So I looked like a drowned rat when I got home!!

6. Last blog you visited:

Katie Moves.  I especially enjoyed reading her engagement story earlier in the week. Congratulations, Katie!!

7. Last place you visited:

The Clayton Center for the Arts at Maryville College (that’s where the play was).

8. Last show you watched:

Does the play count??  It was called ‘Hay Fever’ by Noel Coward.  It was set in England in the 1920’s.  The playwright himself described Hay Fever as “one of the most difficult plays to perform that I have encountered … it has no plot at all, and remarkably little action.”  So he even admitted there was no plot.  It was cute at times.  A little slow.  The actors were great.  Though, I think I missed some dialog based on the fact I couldn’t understand what they were saying in their fake British accents.


That’s my cousin, Gregg, sitting there at the table.

hay fever play

And us afterwards….

me and my cousin

9. Last thing you baked:

Ack.  I just realized I haven’t baked anything since I did this survey last week.  Though, it’s just as well.  It took us days to finally finish that strawberry cake.  And I’d rather not have all that temptation sugar just sitting around the house.

10. Last photo you instagrammed:

Technically, the last photo I instagrammed was of my salad last night.  But since I shared that in yesterday’s WIAW post, I went a little further back to get my daughter dancing on the table:


Whew!  That was quite a day.  I left the house at 7:45am and arrived back home, exhausted, at 10:30pm.  Thankgoodness tomorrow is Friday!!!

PS – any other WordPress users out there??  Do you find that after you hit ‘Post’ that sometimes pictures or words just disappear???  It seems to happen almost every other time.  I have to remember to go back and reread my post after I publish, because more often that not, I have to hit ‘Edit’.  A little frustrating.


Last Things Thursday: Valentines Edition

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!!  I did.  🙂

1. Last food you ate:

V-day dinner.  Grilled salmon with steamed green beans.  Delish!!!  Nothing says love like pink fish.  🙂

salmon and green beans

topped with sriracha, of course

2. Last beverage you drank

Oh my gosh, you guys!!  I found this wine with chocolate.  One tastes like chocolate covered cherries and the other is a drier wine with dark chocolate.  So yummy!  I’ve never seen it any other time of the year.  I should have stocked up!

chocolate wine

And it went perfectly with the chocolate covered strawberries I made!!!

perfect pairing
3. Last workout

I left work to run at my favorite trail.  It was a perfect 50 degrees out.  It was the best run I’ve had in a long time.  My legs felt great and I was faster than usual.  (Plus, I wanted to get home to enjoy the Vday dinner and dessert)!

4.2 mile run


Lakeshore trail

4. Last thing you pinned  (Pinterest= katiedaisy921)

Love this.  I usually use Froyo as Luke’s carrot.  “If you have a good week at school, we’ll get Froyo this weekend.”

Pinned Image
5. Last text message you sent

To hubby to let him know I was done with my run and headed home.
6. Last blog you visited

I was reading Megan’s post about Valentines Day over at Food & Fitness.  I love her description of her lunch time run.  I have definitely been there with the quick changes and post-run red face.  🙂
7. Last place you visited

Asheville, NC.  Last weekend.  Post still to come.  🙂
8. Last show you watched

The Office.  After enjoying our salmon dinner, we caught up on the DVR.  We were 3 episodes behind.  They really should have put this show to bed a few seasons ago.  I’m just hanging on simply because I know it’s almost over.
9. Last thing you baked

It’s tradition in our house to bake a heart-shaped cake for Valentines Day.  I even found the picture from our first Valentines Day in 1995 where I made our first heart-shaped cake.  Which means we’ve celebrated 18 Valentines Days together.  Awwww…..

strawberry cake with strawberry icing

strawberry cake with strawberry icing

I also made Red Velvet Cake Balls for my son’s Valentines party at school….

cake balls

cake balls 2

10. Last photo you instagrammed  (Instagram = katiedaisy921)

Actually the last photo I instagrammed was the cake, the one before that was of the wine, and the one before that was my run.  So here is Thursday morning …. my son had a 7:15am teeth cleaning appointment.  We had to get out the door extra early today.

dentist chair

And finally, outfit of the day (#ootd).  Who doesn’t wear red on Valentines Day?  It’s like a rule, right?

ootd - vday

So what did you do on Valentines day???  Did you wear red???


Last Things Thursday – 1/24/13

1. Last food you ate:

Fish tacos.  Whole wheat tortillas, broiled tilapia, broccoli slaw, cheese, salsa and jalapenos.  YUM!!

(Totally should have taken a picture of those!!!)

2. Last beverage you drank:

Water.  And lots of it!

3. Last workout:

Yesterday’s 100 burpee workout.

4. Last thing you pinned:

Pinned Image

This is awesome.  Especially considering I had a Tall Vanilla Spice Latte (skinny) this morning.

5. Last text message you sent:

Hubby was at the grocery store today.  Asked me to guess how much he spent.  My response:  “$99 no beer or $114 with beer.”  He said “With, of course.”  The total was $117.  So I was within $3.  I asked him what I got for being so close.  He didn’t respond.

6. Last blog you visited:

My Elf friend, Claire, in the UK:

7. Last place you visited:

Besides work, I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday.

8. Last show you watched:

Big Bang Theory, of course.  🙂

9. Last thing you baked:

Bite Size Apple Pies.  So easy and everyone loved them!!

Pinned Image


10. Last photo you Instagrammed:

A sunset, of course.  In fact, every night this week there’s been an amazing display of color in the sky.


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Last Things Thursday – 1/10/13

1. Last food you ate:

We had burgers on the grill.  With the warmer temps, I’ve been smelling what my neighbors are grilling and I’ve been super jealous.  I told hubby we needed to grill something.  So he made me hamburgers.  And I made a side of roasted carrots.

2. Last beverage you drank:

Water, and LOTS of it!!  For my Tina Reale Best Body Bootcamp, one of my weekly personal goals is to drink at least 64 oz of water every day.  So I’ve been tracking it just to make sure I get it all in!!

3. Last workout:

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday.  The temp was 65 in the middle of January!!  So I took my daughter for a walk in the neighborhood.  And if you think for a second that was an easy stroll, I’m here to tell you – it was a serious workout.  First of all, my neighborhood is very hilly.  And I’m pushing a 25 pound kid in a stroller.  As I approached the bottom of every hill, I would sprint up it and recover at the top.  I did the sprinting/walking interval for 45 minutes!

4. Last thing you pinned:

A recipe for Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas:

Pinned Image

They look good, don’t they?

5. Last text message you sent:

To my friend Alice to see if they wanted to go see Phineas and Ferb LIVE with us in February.  (It was yesterday’s Groupon deal)

6. Last blog you visited:

Skinny Taste …  I was looking for a recipe.

7. Last place you visited:

A friend and I went to lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen yesterday.  It’s a cute little Greek/Mediterranean chain.  It was pretty good.  I got the Chicken Pita with a side of roasted veggies.  It was just okay.  But my friend ordered the Grueben and said it was delicious!  So now I’m going to have to go back.  🙂

8. Last show you watched:

All caught up on American Horror Story now.  Yes, it’s creepy, but the story line is really good.  Though provoking.

9. Last thing you baked:

I guess it was my pizza meatloaf last weekend.  I’ve been meaning to make another one after it disappeared so quickly!!

10. Last photo you Instagrammed:

Of my kids, of course….  🙂

my kids



Last Things Thursday – 12/20/12

I have been a terrible blogger lately.  I’ve also been a terrible Elf this week.  I’ve been doing my challenges, but I haven’t been taking any pictures.  This week had great challenges, too!  (I’m referring to Elf4Health challenge sponsored by The Lean Green Bean and Nutritionella).  For example, I made these wonderful Chicken Enchiladas with Spinach for dinner.  But I never took a single picture to document them.  Best part was – the kids loved them!!  So I’ll definitely make them again soon.  They were delicious and I even used the low-carb wraps instead of flour tortillas.  You couldn’t even tell!!

Ok, so I figured I needed to lighten the mood after my Debbie Downer post yesterday.  And I like this ‘last things’ survey so much that I may just make it part of my weekly routine.

1.  Last song I listened to:

I’ve been looping The Dirty Guv’nahs new album in anticipation of the concert on New Years Eve!  Can’t wait!!

Somewhere Beneath These Southern Skies


2. Last workout:

Sadly, it’s been more than a few days since my last workout.  This week has been so busy I haven’t made time for exercise.  Although, I know as soon as I do, it will improve my mood drastically.

3. Last Instagram pic:

mickey christmas

my daughter, of course


4. Last food I ate:

As I said above, the last food I ate was the Chicken Enchiladas with Spinach.  But I didn’t take a picture of it.  The last food I photographed was my breakfast on Wednesday morning at our work Christmas party.  There was a full buffet of pastries, biscuits, hasbrowns and more.  Instead I was very good – only ate eggs and bacon with a side of fruit.


5. Last thing I pinned:

This totally cracked me up.

Pinned Image

6. Last text message I sent:

It was actually a response to my 7-year old’s teacher.  She told me to make sure he didn’t eat breakfast on Friday because she would bring food.  I asked her if I could make anything.  She said she was brining donuts.  So I offered to bring a healthy option …. Cuties!

7: Last blog I visited:

Besides The Lean Green Bean and Nutritionella’s site so I could check was the Elf4Health Challenge was today, I also checked out Nutritiously Plated.  She just posted a few really good looking recipes like Gingerbread Waffles and Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes.  I’m going to have to try those out soon!!

8. Last TV show I watched:

We were catching up on the DVR last night and watched the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother.  We love that show.  I am so sad to hear that this is the final season.  Although I am glad we’ll finally find out who the Mother is!!  Anyone want to take a guess???

But what about that ending on Monday??  Any one else see it??  LOVED IT!!!  So sweet!  Though, I still don’t think Robin and Barney really go together.  Whatever.  “NOBODY ASKED YOU, PATRICE!”  lol


Last Things Thursday

I always love these fun little surveys.  When I saw that Katie at Katie Moves posted a Last Things Thusday on her blog, I wanted to do it too.  It’s similar to the one I posted a month ago.

1. Last thing on my iPod —

The Delta Saints ….  Just. Can’t. Get. Enough.

They will be in Knoxville on January 18th at Barleys!  I can’t wait!!




2. Last workout

I woke up with a massive sinus headache, so running was completely out of the question.  Every step I took, I felt it in my sinus cavity.  But the weather was so pretty and I really wanted to try out my new shoes.  (And my new compression pants!! -woop woop)!!

So I took a 3-mile walk around my [hilly] neighborhood, which felt pretty good.  And I got some natural Vitamin D!

new pants and shoes


3. Last cell phone picture

I just took it a few minutes ago.  Pogo was snuggling up to Luke this morning.


And last night I was posting pictures of him on Instagram.

sweet kitty

sweet kitty


4. Last book read

Well, I just finished my Nutrition class.  I read that whole book.  Does that count?  I don’t really have time for fiction right now.

nutrition book


5. Last snack


When I got back from my walk, I wanted something warm.  I was hoping we had one of those little instant Starbucks packets.  Instead, I found this.  It’s a coffee protein drink.  15 grams of protein and only 120 calories.  It says you can drink it hot or cold.  So I made it into hot chocolate.  I couldn’t get the powder to completely dissolve.  So there chunks.  And it didn’t really taste like hot chocolate.  It wasn’t bad.  But it wasn’t that good either.


Hubby was out of town last night.  With my sinus headache, I didn’t feel like cooking dinner for just the 3 of us.  So we went to Papa Murphy’s!  YUM.

xmas lights

Then we drove around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights, pointing out which decorations we liked the best.

Question of the Day:  Do you still exercise when you are sick?  Or do you take a rest day??



Fashion Attempt #2 and Froyo

Yesterday, in my What I Ate Wednesday post, I showed you a picture of what I wore for the day.  In another attempt at being slightly fashionable, I went shopping, bought a new dress and matching boots.  What do you think?

Don’t worry – I’m not heading to the runway any time soon.  It just beats the boring black pants with a boring one-tone sweater.  I’ve really got to stop being so boring!!  🙂

So after another long day of meetings, I was excited to relieve a little stress on the track.  The weather was beautiful, so I set off with my headphones on.  I covered 4 miles.  Not running the whole way, not even really half way either, but enough that I was feeling pretty good.  And my mind was clear.

Breakfast casserole

For dinner, we used the leftover Johnsonville sausage patties that I told you about yesterday to make a Breakfast Casserole.  Ingredients:  egg, sausage, cheese and hashbrowns.  YUM!!  The kids devoured their portions!!

And after dinner, we wanted to surprise the kids with a little treat…  Frozen Yogurt, of course.  We decided to try a new place.  (Well, it’s not that new – I think it’s been there for a year, but we’ve never been there before.)  It’s called Koolioz.

Lucy sat and ate her own cup.

Sadly, though, it really wasn’t that good.  In fact, it was the worst of all the Fro-Yo’s I’ve ever had.  The texture was weird, and it varied between flavors.  Some were thick, others runny.  I think Menchie’s is still my fave.

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite place to get Frozen Yogurt?  And what is your favorite flavor??



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